Imperfect fresh Is The New Perfect

It is sad that more than 30% of all food produced globally is never eaten while there are millions of people starving around the world.

In Sin Soo Hup, we are offering you a cheaper alternative for imperfect fresh. Don’t get confuse because we are not selling you the produce, which is ROTTEN, but they could be ugly in the look, broken or with scratches. There are many produces which are perfectly fine and healthy to be eaten but being rejected by consumers due to the look and feel and could eventually going to waste. Other than fresh produces, many people prefer not to buy the items with shorter expiration date, if everyone trying to choose the longest expiry date, then the older stock will eventually expired and goes to waste.

Buying the imperfect fresh not only can reduce food waste, you also can save money if the grocer is giving discounts. 

Currently we already have customers who are willing to buy the imperfect fresh giving them a new hope. We hope that our action will inspire more people and hopefully by creating more awareness that we can make a difference in the world.

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